Foodpoisening continues

We wake up at around nine and still feel horrible. Michel¡¯s stomach is quiet and empty by now. Luckily we brought Gastrolyte (ORS) , a mix of rice, salt and sugars which gives energy after loosing a lot of fluid. Elles who hasn¡¯t vomited feels sick as well but strong enough to drive. We head out of town and hope for a nice road. The bad thing about driving in China is that most of the time we start the day with a beautifull piece of road. Then the road continous in one that looks nice but has invisible bumps in it. These roads are tricky as they invite you to drive fast but you can¡¯t. There are a lot of roads under construction and we encounter miles and miles of dirt road that are changed into 4wd tracks. These consume all your strength and ask a lot from the car. Funny enough, you have to pay toll for all these roads. We now know that if you pay less then 5 yuan, you can expect the worst of the worst.

Elles is doing a fabulous job by driving for a long time with a sick Michel next to her. Michel is still feeling horrible as his stomach is still upset after the all night vomit experience and can¡¯t stay awake all the time. But he does his best to watch the road and check the Map. The map in the Lonely appears to be wrong causing a bit of a headache as it differs completely from the normal roadmap we have. We head to Pingliang, a place with some scenic spots in the hills, and we get there late in the afternoon. All cheap hotel recommended are renovated and prices doubled. We don¡¯t have a lot of time of checking hotels as pressure is building inside Elles. We quickly check in a slightly more expensive hotel then we want and rush to the room. Michel crashes on the bed and Elles resides on the toilet. This time it appears to be her place for the night. Shit!

We will never to eat at KFC anymore. The last thing we want is a chicken burger to ruin the end of our expedition. Luckily we have gastrolyte (ORS) and medicines (ciprox) with us for this.