Drivetheplanet on television!?

As we get more and more attention from abroad for our trip we have decided to change the website in English. But, as they say, it ain’t much if it ain’t Dutch, we have also decided to keep the dutch version of the site! You can read all our stories in Dutch on

But what have we been up to!!

last week we did not update the site as we were busy changing databases and thereby creating two sites. Now we have a .com and .nl version of drivetheplanet (many thanks to Design IT!!) But that’s not all we have been up to.
Last week we were approached by a television production company and were asked if we were interested to play a prominent role in a tv show!!!!!! We cannot tell you any details as everything is confidential. But one thing is for sure. It’s going to be cool!

What else have we been up to? Well, we are still strugling to find sponsors for our trip. Pretty easy everybody says with all the media attention you have lined up. But that seems not to be the deal. In fact, we still need quite a bit of money. But with the new TV show coming up we have something to bargain with! So if you can help us out? let us know!