News from Australia!

This weekend we started our free publicity campaign. It will not be interesting for SOS-Children’s villages as nobody knows about the expedition we are about to make.

So this saturday we decided to spread the word about our expedition to China by sending e-mails to VW-Clubs around the world!

The next day we received an e-mail from the Vice President of the Volkswagen Club of Western Australia, Richard Hines. He will print an article in the club magazine to inform their members and have the internet link published on their website! Excellent. This is exactly what we wanted!! Free publicity for SOS-Children’s villages and our journey.

Sunday was a day off. Spring has arrived in the Netherlands and the weather is beautiful. We had tickets for the sunday morning orchestra in Amsterdam. After getting up early and being awaked by the fifth symphony of Mahler, we sat down on of the terraces next to one of the canals in Amsterdam.

The good thing about Amsterdam is that the shops are always open on Sundays, something not usual in the rest of Holland. So after a a nice lunch we decided to do some shopping, enjoyed the sun, the afternoon and forget all the misery that is happening in the Middle East. All in all a perfect day in Amsterdam!