Breaking news.

The war has commenced. ‘It’s a sad, sad situation’ would Elton John say. And we think the same as it’s sad for the Iraqi people and for the soldiers in the dessert.

The war affects the whole world and us as well. If necessary, we will take another route to China and hope to bring some joy along the way after all the negative news of the last few months. ‘Joy to the people’ is our motto, even in time of War!

So back to drivetheplanet… well, we have nearly finished translating the site into English. A bigger task then we expected. Further more we are reading up upon the countries we are going to visit. As we will be visiting quite a few countries, it’s quite some work but very interesting as well. So during our travels we will not only tell you what we have been up to, but also give detailed information about the countries ranging from history to sights to be seen! This all added with pictures taken by us! So keep following us! If you have any suggestions… let us know!