The Team


I was born on September 14, 1972 in Leiden the Netherlands. After a couple of years my parents moved to Zeist in the center of The Netherlands. That’s were I basically grew up. After High School I decided to go for my mid level economics in Utrecht. After graduating succesfully i went to college in Utrecht and decided it was time live on my own. Student live was great!

Travelling really started with an exchange program to the United States. That’s where I learned that travelling would become my passion. Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Guatemala, Egypt and Venezuela followed!

After my studies and having worked for nine months at Rabobank, it was time for me to explore the world. I travelled for 8 ½ months through Asia before heading to Sydney Australia. In Sydney I worked as a business analyst & management consultant at Vodafone. After successfully finishing my tasks, i jumped in a Volkswagen campervan a friend of mine had bought. Together we travelled from Sydney to Darwin and from Darwin to Perth in 5 ½ months. Once back in Sydney I was offered a job at Vodafone again. The last months of my visum I enjoyed Sydney and the millennium celebrations at the operahouse!

After leaving Australia and a small vacation on Bali i returned to the Netherlands and was offered a job as marketing projectmanager at Vodafone Content Services (previously Vizzavi). During this period I met Elles and together we came to the idea to start realising a dream:!


In januari 2006 i started my own communication company called One Shoe. One Shoe offers a broad range of services varying from formatdevelopment and webdesign to crossmedia strategy consultancy. More info can be found on

My hobbies are VW campervans, travelling, writing, filming and adventure sports (hiking and snowboarding)


I was born on July 17th 1974 in Amersfoort in the center of Holland. After high school, I decided to study economics at the faculty of Economics in Utrecht.

After finishing my study successfully I felt I was not ready for the business world yet. A year abroad of which several months travelling in Asia and working my way through Australia and New Zealand was the opportunity for me to taste the joy of travelling. Excellent!

After being away for a year, the time had come for me to jump into ‘the real life’ as they say. I worked for three years at Vodafone on the departments Sales and Business Excellence.

After three great years I needed another challenge and an interesting job came on my way. Until just before we leave on this journey I will be working on the marketing and sales department of Schuberg Phillis, (Before Metromedia Fiber Networks) Next to working I play the piano, violin and have I started a year ago with singing lessons. I have performed several times with different bands.

My hobbies are travelling, playing the piano and violin, photography, fitness and snowboarding.