Sweat is running of my face, my arms and when i think of it… everywhere. I didn¡¯t even know i could sweat in certain places…but i do! What is the sequence of setting the valves…. i can¡¯t remember… or is it the heat…. i don¡¯t know. Better to drink some more water. I have to start thinking straight.

Pakistan didn¡¯t offer a good place to set the valves of the engine, change the oil and do regular maintenance on the car. But Mrs Bandari¡¯s guesthouse offers a ramp i could drive the car on. Elles, suffering from mild stomach cramps stayed on the room while i battled with the extreme humidity. I changed the oil, which is easy and pretty straightforward and then started on the valves. But the heat got to me and i couldn¡¯t figure out what the sequence was. So, i grabbed the phone and made a call to Hot Rod who had done the fabulous work on the engine and within minutes they told me everything i needed. I had forgotten that the sequence is written on the carburator and followed Hot Rod¡¯s instructions. A precise job but i guess i did it right. I also checked the rest of the car but couldn¡¯t find any problems except for a lot of mud. After finishing the technical part, i was completely soaked. I also cleaned the car¡¯s interior and was amazed by the amount of dust we had collected in Pakistan.

It was already late in the afternoon when i finished. Elles had done some work for the website and was feeling better. All we did after that was having a wonderful Indian meal and update the website. Another day had gone by.