Climbing at Meteora

Meteora has a right to be on the World Heritage List. It’s difficult to tell beforehand what

the highlights of a trip will be but we know one thing already; Meteora is one of them. The area consist of around a thousand rockformations that come out of the ground. Geologist still wonder how the fairytail landscape formed. We are just very much impressed by the scenery. What makes the area even more interesting is the large amount of monestaries that were built on top of the rockformations around the 14th century. We decided to visit a few of them. But, on our way we found an overgrown path that lead to one of the rockformations. We decided to follow it but lost it after a while in a riverbed. Excited as we were we continued following the dry riverbed untill we came in a spectaculair gorge. We had to climb over large boulder, cut our way through thick bush and make our way through the narrow gorge to get to the other side. Bouldering or hiking as others say was so cool that we never made it to the monestaries. We climbed all day and enjoyed the spectaculair views, the weird insects, the air and the complete serenity of a place that, in our view had seen no or little visitors.

If you ever decide to travel to greece, this is a place we’d highly recommend. The village is probably more crowded in july and august but still well worth the trip. So if you are heading this way and feel like a bit of climbing, drop us a line and we’ll let you know were we found the trail!