Athens has all the good and bad things of a Metropole. Its has beautiful musea, ofcourse the Acropolis, the plaka and the markets. Unfortunately there are side effects as well as we found out. When returning from an evening stroll around the akropolis we crossed Omonia square. On the square we walked past an entrance of the subway and noticed some

creepy fellows hang-in out there. We were on guards, fortunately, coz michel was approached from behind and touched on one his pockets.

Michel: fortunately i noticed something wasn’t right and i had my hands allready near my pockets to protect them, when i felt somebody trying to get something. I quickly turned and saw the guy walking away with a smile. Fortunately he did not get anything. We decided to leave as quickly as possible not to become a victem of another dodgy fellow.

Athens is absolutely nice and we feel absolutely safe walking around even late at night. Just the area around Omonia wasn’t so great……

As the ozzies we travel with say… athens….. beeeeeautiful….Omonia… not so beeeeeautiful!!