Free camping and the naked shower

On the road we met many travellers who freecamped. We had not so far as we needed the electricity to charge our laptop and the camera. But we thought it was time to explore this new side of camping basically to cut down on costs.

On the way from Athens to Delphi we decided to get of the main road and head towards the little town of porto moreno. This true greek town had seen little tourism, maybe because it was not signposted on the main road. We decided to park the car in the harbour next to a little beach. It was an excellent spot to stay the night. Within the hour we parked, a heavy thunderstorm rolled in the bay and we thought it would ruin our experience. But it didn’t! Instead we had a wonderful weatherperformance with flashes and thunders every other minute. Luckily it didn’t started raining. So, later at night we swam under the stars and enjoyed the perfect setting. Funny it was to shower afterwards. We had bought two watercontainers for drinking water, but found out they came in handy as a shower as well. It was weird and exciting at the same time to shower completely naked in the deserted and dead quiet harbor. But… great fun!