Driving in Athens,

We decided to travel together with the ozzies we met in Nafplion to Athens. Paul, who’s family is greek had warned him not to drive into Athens and go wide around it. Rule number one of travelling is value a locals advice. But, adventurous as we are and ofcourse wanted to see the Acropolis, we headed to Athens anyway! On the way to athens we passed the Canal of Corinthe and unfortunately only saw a glimpse of it. But enough to see its quite an impressive canal. As we got closer to Athens, traffic got worse and worse. At one point a three lane motor was narrowed to a two lane motorway. The scene was chaotic as the greek were all defending their part of the highway and so it never became a two lane but a very very narrow three lane motorway.

Difficult it was to find the campsite. We had two pieces of information. That the campsite was 7 km out of town and on the highway we were on. Fortunately the ozzies saw a sign a mile before and started signalling. But we were driving on the right and had to cross the 3 way lane and then cross the upcoming traffic on the other side of the road. It was hairraising and sweat poured over foreheads. But Elles and I appear to be great team and its great how we work together. Windows open, signalling to other cars with our hands.. just perfect. We were glad to be safe and well on the campsite without a scratch on the car.