Nafplio citadel

The vast citadel of Nafplio stands on a 216 meter high outcrop overlooking the city. Two ways lead to the fortress. The first is for sissies and is a road you can drive by car. The second is the more adventurous one and is a steep stair of 999 steps leading to the entrance. We decided to conquer the fortress by the steps although the scorching sun peaked the temperature to a 34 degrees! We packed our backpack with enough water for the hike and set off early to avoid the serious heat of the day. We were ready for it, prepared and all we set the first steps on the stairs. Funny enough, we were on the top in no-time. What seemed to be a horrendous climb, was eventually very easy. As we had more time then expected we had a close look at the citadel which was even more impressive and bigger then we thought and definitely worth to visit. In the afternoon we visited the beach and watched firefighting planes scooping up water close by to fight fires on a nearby hill.Very exciting!!

We ended the day with another Pita Bread! Mmmmhhhhhh!!