Nafplio was first a Venetian settlement, then conquered by the Turks and later it became Greece first Capital. Now what is left is a beautiful typical Greek small town, with white houses and all, surrounded by three fortresses. According to the Lonely Planet it’s the most beautiful town in Greece. Well, its is from what we have seen until now. Saturday eve is the time to be in Nafplio. We had teamed up with an Ozzie couple, Paul and Allison who were traveling Europe in a camper. We sat down near the harbor and while enjoying the evening we saw the Greeks at their best. They all paraded through the harbor and the town, dressed to kill! Men wearing their best shirts, woman wearing their smallest skirts and kids all dressed up for the party as well. All evening we spent with the ozzies exchanging funny travel stories and ending up in a park eating Pita Gyros!

We went to bed at about 12:30 and even then the place was still crowded. All day the place has been quiet and now we know why. Everybody was escaping the heat and saving up for the night!