Olympia is one of those nice little towns tucked away in between the hills on the Peloponnesus peninsula. Normally this would be an ordinary and one of the thousands nice towns you find in Greece. But, xx years before Christ was even born, the town got fame because of the Olympic Games that were held here. Time for us to check the place out and see where the Olympic Games were born.

When we arrived at the entrance of the site, at around four, we were happy to see the tour busses leave. Soon we found out that we had the place almost for ourselves, despite the warnings of crowds in our guidebook. At the entrance we were asked if we were from television. Luckily, Michel had seen a sign that professional use of a camera was 170 Euro!! When we said no we were asked to sign a form declaring that we would not use the camera for television. Instead of writing this down, we wrote in Dutch that we would only use the photo’s in the Netherlands and completed the form with a fake name. Reason for this all was that they could not check what was going to be said about the site. This KGB method was a bit weird we thought, but now we know why.

We entered the site and the first thing we saw was a pile of knocked down stones. Ok, we knew we were visiting ruins, but hey… there must be more to this. Unfortunately there wasn’t. Even when we tried to imagine what is must have been like, we could not see past the stones scattered all over the place. Only the stadium, which resembled an ordinary baseball field gave us some insight. So when we entered the wrestling school, we decided to wrestle with each other, make some fun about it and put that on film!