Ignition problems in Patras

On arrival in Greece we noticed that there are quite a bit of differences with the rest of Europe. For example traffic rules don’t exist, parking rules are never invented and occasionally you see a road sign in English. All in all we can say that driving in Greece is an adventure. The further east we get, the worst traffic gets. Good thing is that every country is a little bit worse and we can get used to it slowly.

Greece has many Volkswagen type 2 still driving. This also means they have many spare parts and lots of knowledge of the car.

Since we left we had trouble with the ignition key and it was getting more and more difficult to start the engine. So we decided to have it changed. We also had an oil temperature meter, which unfortunately did not work at all. As temperatures rise the further east we get, an oil temperature becomes a necessity. So we went into a Volkswagen shop and bought a new one. Although it hurts our budget, it might save us more trouble in the future. Another good thing is that garages don’t charge as much as they do back home. So we had it all installed for only 30 euro’s. Happy as larry, we left Patras and headed towards Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic games!

On our way from Patras to Olympia, we saw many little signs advertising campsites. Instead of driving to Olympia we left the main road and followed a sign to camping municipal. Situated next to a deep bleu sea, with a beautiful sandy, nearly empty beach we decided that Olympia had to wait another day. We enjoyed the beach, were knocked down by the afternoon heat, ate fresh melons, and had fish platter for dinner for only 9 euro’s. How great it can be!