Only one week to go…

To be honest we cannot believe that we will be on the road in one week from now and that we have 35000 kilometres ahead of us. Why.. because we are extremely busy and have no time to contemplate. We guess we will start realising it as soon as we cross the border with belgium and crash on a campsite. Untill that time we are busy arranging the final things like paperwork, administration, our house, last details with sponsors and last bits of shopping. And that’s not all, its just too much to describe.

Today for example i worked on the bus. We had a nasty grey stripe on both sides of the bus which looked rather ugly. As we want an attractive bus for on television, i called a friend and he helped me out removing the grey plaster and make it look nice. It took us a full day and we haven’t finished yet. So tomorrow we are going to the paint job and try to install the alarm system which was offerd by Car System Benelux. I will also try to install the heat sensor as well.

What lies ahead of us next week… well a lot.