Camera training and stickers on the bus!

After a rather short night we got up early. Today would be the day. Today would be the day that the car would change into an expedition camper. Today the stickers would be put on the camper. How exciting!

We cleaned the bus as good as we could. After this we drove to Baarn to the Letterfabriek, the company that had had made all the stickers. We were very excited and wondered how the car would look like. Its like one of those TV shows where they change an ugly duckly into a beauty queen. You are zapping past channels and come across the show. Then you keep watching because you wonder what the outcome will be. We were curious as well.. very curious!

We would pick up the car at the end of the day and headed towards amsterdam. We had a meeting at SBS6 and would receive a camera training. Very exciting as we would receive a camera as well for during our journey. It was a crashcourse in TV-journalism but very interesting indeed! After an hour we left and felt quite cool. Michel and Elles, travel reporters…. weeehaaaaa!

At around five we finally got to see the car. Wow…. how cool…. this was the final episode of 10 months blood, sweat and tears. We were impressed, silent, excited and very very happy. We thanked Andre of the Letterfabriek for his work and left. On the way back we got a lot of thumbs up on the highway from passing cars. It just couldn’t be better…

That eve michel drove to the VCT2 volkswagen club to have the breaks checked, These seemed to be perfect and it meant the car was ready to hit the road and head to China. We did it… how cool!

It wasn’t untill midnight when Michel got home. Exhausted we both fell asleep hoping to have a good night sleep!