Our feelings..

If you would ask us right now how we feel, we could not give you a straight answer. The reason is that our emotions change by the minute as we get closer to the 17th of May, our departure date. We feel exited because of all the great things that are ahead of us. We feel insecure because we haven’t sorted out our sponsor budget yet and some companies keep us in the dark whether they will sponsor us or not. We feel guilty as we will leave our friends and family behind for nearly a year. We feel enthusiastic as we can mean something for children in need. We feel tired of all the hard work and emotions.

The funny thing is that we cannot control any of these emotions and they come and go as the seasons do. Sometimes we try to put our minds at rest and sit down on the couch and turn on the television to let it all go. But then a travel programme or a talk show will remind us of what we are busy with and the next minute we are discussing what to do. One thing that keeps us going is all the support from friends, family and total strangers who just sent us an e-mail or leave messages on our message board. With less then 7 weeks to go we are working harder then ever to make this expedition everything worthwhile!