healthy meals and rainy days

8:00 My alarm sounds

8:01 I hit the snooze button

8:10 The alarm sounds again, i finally get up.

I like rituals. Especially early in the morning when I am not awake yet. By having my daily rituals I can be productive without even knowing it. I get up, walk to the living room and turn on the television. After that I pay a visit to the toilet and wake up watching CNN from the toilet. After the latest information about the situation in Iraq, I walk over to my computer and turn it on. By then, I am awake and either chose

a: sit down and see if I have e-mails

b: hit the shower.

Today I choose a, as I am getting more and more worried about sponsorship I hoped to find an e-mail with some good news in it. But, unfortunately there was no good news. In fact there was not a single e-mail in the inbox. In the mean time the weather got worse as well and the sun disappeared. This proved to be my lucky day. So, I decided I needed some positive input which would strengthen me and get me through the day. Pizza! Elles thinks I am crazy and why not… she is right. I should eat a bit healthier. But this moment required immediate action. After I finished the cheapest but loveliest pizza in the world and a quick shower, I knew this was going to be a fine day, even though the weather gods were against me. I called quite a few prospects and gave them detailed information about the journey and all the joint-promotion possibilities we have. At noon I met my one of my best friends and former Flatmate S. I told him about my worries and grieve and that I was getting desperate for some success. He thought I was overreacting because we were quite successful already and that I needed a bit more patience. He was right and I knew it. But why was I am not feeling it? He said it was all part of the game. True, absolutely true….

Happy and relieved I went back home to make some more calls. I had the power to do it. I guess when you are down or happy and call somebody, the person on the other end of the line can sense it. I was feeling happy and it worked. The company, who had already received our plan was willing to make a donation for the journey. Bingo, that was what I needed. Mission accomplished for today!

That evening I made a healthy meal for Elles who had been in a traffic jam for about 1 ½ hours after work. Together we worked a bit on some plans and enjoyed the rest of the eve on the couch…