Shit happens

Again we pay a visit to the terracotta warriors. Elles: I am not feeling very well so we take it easy. We take our time filming the warriors and then head back to town. By this time i feel very weak and back on the room it all starts again. The medicines didn¡¯t do their work properly and again I end up on the toilet.

Shit happens, they say, but it isn¡¯t fun at an interval of about every ten minutes. Michel buys some water and crackers for me and then tucks me into bed. Hopefully a bit of rest will do me some good.

In the beginning of the evening I feel a bit better and have enough strength to film some in the muslim quarter. But it appears to be too much as well. Most of the night i spent on the toilet¡­. My god¡­ how do i get to Beijing like this¡­ and it¡¯s so close to the finish!