Go see the doctor

When you set out on an expedition, you know there is a great chance you get sick. You prepare for this by bringing medicines and ORS for re-hydration. But when the illness lasts it means you have to visit a doctor. Elles is still having the shits and we decide to pay a visit to the hospital. Luckily we have Jason with us who can translate everything. We go to the biggest hospital in town and hope it¡¯s not like the one we visited in Agra, India. We enter the building and at first sight it looks clean.

When we enter the building our temperature is read, a precaution that dates back to the SARS epidemic. Mmmhh 34.5 degrees¡­. laughs michel, the same as when i entered china¡­ I am still clinical dead! We walk past by a group of ill people, all lying in chairs and sealed of by a plastic wall. They all look pretty horrible and we don¡¯t dare to breath. Then we come to the first aid ward.

There we first have to register ourselves. The lady behind the counter is pissed off, Jason translates, as her lunch break was about to start. When we ask him to translate she should have taken a office job, he replies; I¡¯d better not. Then the paperwork starts. The name Elles Albering appears to be causing troubles and turning it into just Elles is difficult. Imagine you come here with a heart attack! By the time you have registered¡­well you know. Elles has to measure hear temperature by putting a thermometer under her armpit and wait for ten minutes. Just as she sits a very sick old man is brought in and starts vomiting in the lobby. No we all three feeling sick! Doctor!!!!

After the temperature check we go for a consult. Privacy is not known here as we are in an open room with glass windows next to the reception. Just when jason starts to explain the reason of our visit a family bursts into the room. They want to take their father home. The doctor explains that the man has a brain tumor and that he will die if he doesn¡¯t have surgery this week. The family explains they don¡¯t have the money for that and insurance doesn¡¯t pay for it as well. Then a small discussion starts over the fact that it¡¯s one o¡¯clock and the man should pay for another day as check out time is twelve. Gosh, it¡¯s like a hotel here. We have no idea how this story ended but were quite shocked. Then we are asked to tell our story. The man asks some questions and to make it all clear Elles proudly shows her brought stool samples. The man looks disgusted. Diagnose for patient Elles: She is ill and has stinking poo!

We are asked to have the stool checked and her blood as well. On the second floor we find a counter and elles is asked to hand over her poo. Also this man doesn¡¯t seem to be happy with this Dutch product. It ain¡¯t much if it ain¡¯t Dutch we joke. But then the joking stops. Elles her blood needs to be checked and is asked to put her arm through a window. No chair, nothing! We check the needle used carefully and only agree the use of it after seeing it is brandnew and from a sealed package. Elles explains she fainted before after being punctured with a needle and I decide hold her tight. A good idea cause as soon as the guy is finished, elles starts shaking badly and looses it all. I am shocked and react quickly by laying her on the floor and clearing her breathing space by removing her scarf. Then she wakes up and starts shaking badly. The doctor is looking amazed by what happened and doesn¡¯t do a thing. I calmly explain Elles what happened and where she is. That helps. Then Jason and I put her on a chair and tears roll. This is one of those situations you don¡¯t wanna be in when your sick and on the other side of the planet. Minutes later everything is alright and slowly we go back to the doctor.

We hear nothing is wrong with the stool but that she has a inflammatory intestines problem caused by bad food (KFC!). We receive a recipe and get the medicines at the pharmacy. We return to the hotel to stay in bed all day. Good thing¡­the visit to the horrible hospital stopped Elles from having the shits! By the end of the day and after taking the first medicines, Elles is feeling a bit better.