When visiting Turkey, the chance is great that you will end up visiting Pamukkale. Together with Capadoccia, Pamukkale rates high on the tourist menu. This because it’s a rare first class natural wonder. Because the area is earthquake sensitive, Calcium rich water is pushed to the surface, When it reached the surface is leaves the calcium and flows down a hill, creating natural pools. Unfortunately, due to heavy tourism, the natural pools are closed. But the manmade pools are equally fun to swim in and to scrub your body with the calcium mud. They say it has healing powers as well. We checked out the area, including a spectacular and well preserved Amfi theatre that lies right behind the baths. But the main attractions are still the baths. We had to try it. We scrubbed and enjoyed a little waterfall afterwards. But most of all we both hoped for some healing powers… coz it’s time to get rid of that ‘sultans revenge’.