Entertain us!

Here we are now

Entertain us

We’re so stupid

Entertain us….

Nirvana blasted out of a loudspeaker. Why we sat down at this restaurant? We guessed we were tired after a long day at a garage fixing the car and driving from Pamukkale to Antalya and couldn’t be bothered looking for another place. What supposed to be a quick meal turned out into something completely different.

Antalya is like Alanya and could be described as the Benidorm of Turkey. Tourists from all over the world flock to this place to be entertained by the locals. We were tired and all we wanted was a quick meal. But our host had different plans. As there are less tourists then normal, and the restaurant was nearly empty, he wanted to keep us as long as possible to attract more customers. It took us half an hour and lots of entertainment to order a simple chicken kebab and a salad on the side. The waiter kept making jokes calling himself TMJ? When we finally got our food, the waiter started to cut the meat on michels plate and when finished took a bite himself of our beloved meal! This couldn’t get crazier… we thought.

When we finished the meal, without loud music because of the prayer from the local minaret, our plates were removed. Before Michel knew it, and he loves this soooo much, he was locked inbetween to massive Turkish arms and was given a neck massage. This was it… too much we could handle… well elles was on the floor laughing making matters worse for michel.

It was time to leave. But the waiter had a surprise for us… within seconds TMJ? Brought a huge watermelon. Okay, we could not refuse the offer and there we were… stuck for another half hour with TMJ’s bad jokes. No we do not want another desert, another kebab… just want to pay…. Fortunately he got the message….

By the way… what does TMJ stand for…

Aaaah Turkish Michael Jackson!

My god…we fled from the restaurant before he could start to sing!