The coast of the Adriatic sea is dotted with touristy places. As we traveled along the Adriatic coast we decided to stop at Rimini. Michel had been there when he was young and remembered the white sandy beaches and gorgeous blue water. When we drove into Rimini we were shocked by all the advertising sign posts. Michel: I guess it somewhat changed over the years. Elles: I guess we can forget our midnight stroll along the deserted beach.

It all became worse when we got the beach. Why it is still named a beach, we don’t know? Driving on the boulevard we were hit by shock and awe. We could not even see the beach or the water! The beach was fully covered by parasols, all neatly aligned, with ditto beds. Then there were the party centers blasting loud music, with childcare centers attached. We hope the kids were given free earplugs. The boulevard was filled with macho men. The guy in the picture was the best we found parading the scene. Michel’s paradise had turned into a disaster. So we decided to find a spot a somewhere down the road. But five kilometers later we still could only see parasols.

Still shocked we headed further south and found a campsite near the sea. The camp owner, a very friendly chap saw our van and gave us a free campsite and offered to use his internetconnection! How great….. we immediately loved the place. So finally we ran to the beach and were hit by another disappointment. There was no beach. The pebbles were huges, the massive rocks to protect the campsite from the water blocked our view and the when in the water we had to swim around plastic bags. Not the romantic adventure we hoped for. So we returned to our beloved camper and enjoyed the evening in front of it!