Romance galore!

As we placed our bets on Greece and after we headed south towards Brindisi. The heath was bearable on the highway and the car kept doing fine! We had a stop after two hours of driving to cool the engine a bit and headed further south to a place called Campomarino, south of Termoli. There we found a somewhat deserted campsite with only a few residents. Excellent sandy beached attached to it! We ran of to the beach and as quick as we could we jumped into the blue water. It was romance galore. We kissed, laughed, hughed kissed again till disaster struck, Michel. It started with an itch in a very private area, the itch became worse and worse until it became unbearable. Goodbye romance, shower here I come. We have still no idea what it had been. A fish, jellyfish, or the pollution, it could have been anything. Disappointed, Michel headed to the shower and found relieve in moisturizing cream. No more water fun, just relaxing on the beach. To find some romance, we headed to a local pizzeria. As lady and the vagabond we had dinner till late and it was just before midnight when we got back the campsite!