Gilgit to Hunza

As you leave Gilgit for Hunza there is a route that can take you past an enormous suspension bridge. After the excitement of the day before we were up for it! To cross the river next to gilgit a small suspension bridge is built. Not as great as yesterday¡¯s but equal in beauty. This bridge is solid and can carry several cars at the same time and lots of pedestrians as well. Then we reach the second and largest suspension bridge of the area and are stunned by the size and beauty. Hanging across a valley with a river deep below, this is certainly one of the most exciting parts of this journey. The bridge ends in a tunnel that goes into the rocks on the other side. We can¡¯t judge if hippie will fit making it even more exciting.

When we enter the bridge, the rocking starts again. Slowely we crawl further not even daring to imagine what happens if a rope breaks. The wild river soars far beneath making this one of the most spectacular parts of the Karakoram so far. The tunnel at the end is small but we manage to manouvre hippie through it without any damage. We stop the car to have a look at this wonderful bridge and to take some pictures. Then we drive on towards the Hunza Valley. On our way we see ancient buddhist rockpaintings, a statue to commemorate the hundreds of people who died building the karakoram highway and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. The snowed peak, the rough terrain, the sheer beauty and steep cliffs make this a spectacular road to drive. We now understand why the KKH is sometimes called the 8th wonder of the world.

Half way we have lunch in a small restaurant beside the road. A local speciality seems to be some sort of pie/pizza made of dough, onion, meat of some sort and cabbage. We try it and to our surprise it¡¯s quite nice. The meat and rice we have ordered as well are not so great as we find the fur of the cow and some intestins as well in the sauce. We skipped that one.

In the evening we arrive in Karimabad. Not that the distance has been that long but because we stopped after every bend in the road to enjoy the view. We check in the World Roof Hotel. The view over the Hunza Valley and the surrounding mountains are spectacular. As internet isn¡¯t available we decide to take it easy and later we team up with a french/spanish group to have dinner. We listen to their ¡®we have no money at all¡¯ stories and eat loads of Dhal, a meal made of pies/linze and dhal.

Believe us, Lots of Dhal in combination with sleeping in a sleeping bag is not a wise thing to do.. Prrrrttttttttt