A difficult decision

We left Agra due to the continues bad weather and headed to Varanasi. It would be a two day drive on reasonable roads, we were told. But as we left Agra we noticed immediately that the monsoon had caused major damage to the roads. So there we were driving 15 k an hour trying to avoid the holes in the water. After two hours of very difficult driving the road got even worse and when we nearly got stuck and nearly damaged the car in a half a meter deep muddy hole we stopped and asked ourselves the question: is it worth damaging the car, which we will if we drive all the to Varanasi and the same road back.

A difficult question as Varanasi is the holiest place in India we wanted to visit for two reasons. The first is because there is a SOS village and the second to see the Indians bathe in the Ganges river at sunrise. We decided not drive further but to head back to Agra and take a train to Varanasi. There we parked the car and bought a train ticket. With a funny feeling in our stomach we left hippie, who was completely covered in mud by now, behind…..