a baby friendly hospital

When we wake up we notice that the weathergods turned against us! We ask reception and they tell us that India has one of the worst monsoons this year. ‘The monsoon should have stopped a long time ago’, they say. As it is raining so hard that there is no point in visiting the Taj Mahal or the Agra Fort.

So we decide to spent the day wise and head for the local hospital for a second opinion on Elles her ear. Private doctors have an dodgy reputation in terms of credit card and insurance fraud and that leaves us with the district hospital. When we enter the hospital’s compound we are frightened by what we see. The building are in a far state of decay and the first thing we notice is a sign ‘this is a baby friendly hospital’! Well that is a nice bonus for all pregnant ladies!

When we enter the building we can only think of one thing: don’t breathe in! What a chaos and how dirty. And this is not all, everywhere are monkeys! On the buildings, in the buildings… and on the cars playing with windscreenwipers! We are hapy to hear that the dokter is not available. Elles looks at me and before she has even said anything I understand her! Michel, my ear is doing is much better already…..!!