To the heart of the Himalaya

Leh is basically as far as you can get into the Indian Himalaya. It’s funny enough a dessert surrounded by mountains and camels are not rare. It’s become a settlement for nomads and Tibetans and is supposed to be beautiful. Leh is cut off from the rest of the world for most of the year as the roads to Leh will be covered by snow. July, August and September are the months to visit the area.

The road to Leh is difficult as it crosses passes of over 5000 meters and due to snowfall and rain the surface can be bad. We are heading to Manali first and will inform about road and weather conditions while acclimatising there. Then we will cross the Rotang Pass at an altitude of 3978 meter and stay the night at Sarchu from there we will continue to Leh and cross the Lachlung la pass at 5060 meter. This will be a real test for us as and the car as we will have to face altitude sickness and hope the car will hold. If the conditions are so bad and there is chance we will damage the car we will not continue to Leh and safe the car for the Pakistani Himalaya and the Karakoram Highway. We have prepared ourselves as good as we can, are happy to rely on excellent gear as temperatures will drop below zero. A change from the 45 degrees desert heat of 3 weeks ago!