The prophets underwear

We needed a break from all the harsh travelling, the images that blew our imagination, the excitement of the dangerous area we drove through and because we were dead tired. We found a very nice hotel and crashed on the room. There we noticed how dusty (read dirty) we were. We washed all the dust and mud of the last week of our body and didn’t do much. Sunday afternoon is a perfect day to head towards the Lahore Fort and walk around. The heat and the intense humudity got to us quicker then we expected and we walked from one shady part to another. The fort is huge and used by the locals to spent the afternoon or have a picknick on the lawn. The entrance fee is a laugh at only 4 roepies (64 roepies in a dollar). The same you pay for a samosa, vegetables wrapped in dough and then fried, lovely! We also visited the adjecent mosque which is one of the biggest mosques in the world and can hold up to 60.000 people. One part is holding holy relics of the prophet Mohammed. Normally not open for non-muslims we were invited, free of charge and had a look. We didnot expect to find a holy relic as mohammeds underwear and were even further amazed by the size of it!

In the evening we crashed again.