Meeting the ambassador of Pakistan

Fortunately, the Pakistani embassy doesn’t close on Iranian holidays and appears tob e fairly quiet when we arrive. We are welcomed by a very friendly man who gives us full details on our options and provides us with maps of Pakistan. We are asked to return in two hours when the ambassador arrives so we can have an interview with him, a formality for obtaining the visa. We walk down the street and as a good breakfast is hard to find in Iran, we decide to buy a tin of tuna and a baguette. While eating a park closeby we notice black flags hanging from buildings and stores. We wonder which anniversary the Iranians are celebrating and continue our breakfast. Upon arrival at the embassy we hear loud chanting coming from down the street and notice a group of men, all dressed in black, walking towards the embassy. We decide to have a look when they pass by and are shocked to see the men beating themselves to the head and chest. We also notice that our presence is not appreciated and quickly we leave into the embassy. Great timing as the ambassador is ready for his little chat. We explain the purpose of our journey and after a few questions about holland and what we do for a living, we are granted a double entry for both 45 days! Perfect and we can pick up the visa at 4 o’clock!

Upon leaving the embassy we check if the chanting guys have dissapeared and jump in a taxi. Back in the guesthouse we are told that it’s not realy a day of celebration but more a day of moorning as the day that Fatima, daughter of the prophet Mohammed, had died. A day where many men and women can repay themselves.