Stuck in Tehran

When we planned this trip it was quite uncertain which route we were going to take. The war in Iraq and the possibil aftermath could have made it impossible to drive through Iran, Pakistan and India. Besides this, we were not sure if the visa’s would still be valid when we would arrive there. So we decided to get our visa’s along the way. In turkey we got the news that it is quite impossible to get a visa in Pakistan for India. So we have to get both visa’s for Pakistan and India here in Tehran, the worst polluted city we have come across untill now. If you want to obtain a visa here you have to have a letter of recommendation from your own embassy. So we went there and were shocked to pay 36 Euro for two letters saying that the embassy wishes us a good journey and hopes the other embassies grants us the visa. In total it will take a week to process both visa’s. Pakistan 2 days if you have the right papers and pictures and 5 days for the indian visa. We have asked the indian embassy if they can speed up the proces so we can leave here on monday. We hope so as the noice and the pollution is working on our nerves.

In the eve we made a call to our parents. It was a funny callcentre and we had a laugh with the staff! Have a look at the pictures on the photopage!