Mister Talkveryfast

The people of Iran are, in contrast of what you read in the newspaper, very very friendly. If you have a problem or a question its a matter of seconds and someone will come up to help you. But, as we have noticed this evening, there are also persons who are eager to train their english skills and use you as some sort of entertainment. Tonight we met Mr Talkveryfast or Mr T as we would like to call him. We drove into the city to find a coffeenet. This is how they call internetcafe’s in Iran. Suddenly out of nowhere, there he was infront of the car. He walked to Michel’s side and that’s where it started. Helloiamateacherofenglishandiguidealotofpeoplewiththeirenglishandyoudonthavetobeafraidbutiwouldliketohavedinnerwithandsitwithyou. Can i help you? We were stunned, freaked out to say the least.

Sorry, but we are going to an internetcafe.


Sorry but we have to go to a coffeenet and are in hurry before they close.

We left and saw him in our mirror being very dissapointed. When we left the coffeenetplace and arrived at our car, Mr T jumped from behind it. Whyareyouscaredofmeionlywanttohaveadrinkandiamanenglishteacher. My god, we must have embarrassed him infront of his wife. And that’s what it was. He had lost face infront of his wife. We apologised for the situation and wanted to leave. Whereareyougoing? Youcanhaveteaatourplaceandhaveatalkinenglishandyouwilllikethefurniture. Now that was weird? Sorry, but we are going to a restaurant and have some dinner. Oooohokbutwecancomewithyou? We looked at each other and as we needed a bite we accepted Mr T’s offer. Mistake…big Mistake!

He knew a good restaurant and as Iran had been cheap so far we couldn’t be bothered. Another Mistake as he took us to the best restaurant in town, basically to show of with us. For about an hour and a half we were stuck with a men who talks faster then Eminem himself. Michel decided to take matters in is own hands and asked if he always talked this fast. Yes, thankyouverymuch. Mmmh he didn’t get it. Do you always talk this fast during your english classes. Yesthankyouverymuch. Can your students follow you because nobody speaks english this fast. Notheycannotbutitsgoodtotrainthem. Hopeless, we gave up. It was tiring and we were happy to get the bill. Deadtired we left and were in desperate for some sleep.