The road to Erzurum

We had to leave early to Erzurum as we had a 850 km drive ahead of us from Cappadocia. This meant more then 12 hours of driving as our maximum speed is 80 k an hour and the average speed way below this.

We wanted to make some more pictures of the Kapadokia Balloons so we stood up at 4 am. An impressive way to start the day as the balloons flew directly over the bus. We hit the road at about 7 oclock after a quick bite in a sandwich shop. The roadconditions were much better then we expected. The tarmac was reasonanbly ok. What was even better were the sights along the way. We stopped to see a massive salt lake, a caravanserai that housed the expedition members of the silkroad in the old days, and beautiful mountains. Due to the mountains, having lunch and dinner and the sights along the way, it wasn’t until midnight when we arrived in Erzurum. Reason why we did not split up this long drive in two days; we have to pick up our visum in Erzurum or at least we hope we can!