Easter eggs!

Easter is all about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. But when walking through the city and flicking through catalogues, all you see is the Easter bunny smiling away and turning the whole thing into a party?! I still wonder who invented the Easter bunny and the whole idea of hiding eggs. I know that Santa clause is an invention of Coca Cola to boost sales around Christmas. As for Christmas, commerce seems to have a firm grip on Easter and I must confess, a little bit on us too. Sunday, Easter morning is what we call egg feast. The weather was nice and Elles and I had breakfast in the garden. A true delight as normally the weather in April consists of rain, rain and some more rain.

The starting date of the expedition is set on May 17. This means a lot needs to be done and we are approaching some busy times. Was it like peddling calmy down the stream, now we are facing a class five rapid with at the end, Niagara Falls. We also know that now it comes down to working out butts of make no mistakes. We hope we have some luck on the way….

Well, we’ll let you know how it goes!