Another Busy day

This has been an awesome and also very busy day. We have set the departure date on May 17th. Knowing this we could make a time schedule for all the things we still have to do before we leave.

1) website details

2) car

3) publicity

4) departure event

5) interviews

6) finishing details with sponsors

7) etc etc etc

The list seemed to grow instead of getting smaller!!

So it means we still have to do a lot. Today for example, i picked up the camera, a Minolta d’image f300, at the post office. The camera which is sponsored by Minolta allows us to make pictures but also record sounds and movies. An excellent camera with more possibilities you and i can imagine. After that i jumped on the bus to Zeist to pick up our bus at the fire department of Zeist. The work they have done on the bullbar and the special rack on the back of the bus is excellent. I haven’t seen many bullbars this solid!

After this i drove to Veenendaal, some 30 km’s from Utrecht, to visit the company MAD who makes support springs for cars. It would be better for the car and our safety if we install a set of support springs before we leave. After an inspection of the car by two specialists i learned that there is a possibility to install a special set of springs for extra support on our oldtimer campervan. Happy as i can be i drove to Doesburg to Hot Rod, the VW specialist. After an engine revision it is necessary to adjust the valves every 500 km and change the oil. As i had driven quite a bit already it was time for me to make my hands dirty!

After getting detailed instructions from fred, it was time for me to set the valves. A very secure piece of work i must say. But with the advice of Fred, it all worked just fine! It was after seven in the evening when i returned to Utrecht where i met Elles and after a quick bite we decided to head into the city for some last minute shopping…

Tired and exhausted we ended the day on a terrace in the centre of Utrecht with a nice cold Freddy Heineken!