Engine finished!

Yesterday morning i got the message that Hot Rod finished the revision of the engine! A message I really looked forward to as it meant that we could drive around in the camper again and make sure it is ready for the expedition. Thanks to my mom who offered me a ride, I arrived at Hot Rod in Doesburg at around 11. Together with Fred, who did the complete job on the engine, I discussed what was done and needed to be done still. I got complete instructions on how to handle the car and all the do’s and don’ts. Hot Rod had done a remarkable job on the car. They even installed an oilbath filter and an extra oil cooler. This will prevent the car from the serious heat and dust we will have to endure in Iran where temperatures easily rise over 40 degrees Celsius and sandstorms aren’t rare at all. After a complete hour of explanation it was time to test the car. We agreed to return the car after 500 km for a change of oil and adjustments of the valves. They are definitely a company that looks after your engine!

Happy and satisfied I left and impressed I was. Didn’t I dare to pass a truck on the highway before the engine revision, was it time for me know to laugh in mirror to all the truckdrivers! I felt great!

That afternoon I drove to the ‘Letter fabriek’ a company that specialises in putting stickers on practically everything. We had met the owner before as the company is situated next to the North Face, our clothing and equipment sponsor. The owner made a couple of digital pictures of the bus and measured it all around. By doing measuring it and putting all details in the computer, he could easily make a mock up of what the bus was going to look like! Very cool!

That evening Elles and I enjoyed sitting in the bus and dreamt of all the adventures ahead…