Where to go?

Tuesday 08 April 11:30 pm

‘Elles … are you still awake?

‘mmmhh, not really.. what is it?

‘Where are we going?’

‘China, you dumb fool’

‘Yeah, I know that, but where do we go when we leave the first day?’

‘mmmmh, I don’t know… ooooh damn….’

‘what…., what did I do?’

‘Now I am awake…. Belgium first.. I guess’

‘Yeah.. and where are we going to spend our first night?

And that’s where it started. For no reason at all this feeling of insecurity crept over us. This feeling, as if you are sucked into a black hole in the universe, not knowing where you will end-up. It means we have come to the stage where we have to add another task to our list. Read upon travelguides and contact travel agencies!! And that is the fun part of this trip! The excitement, not knowing what we are up to.. not knowing what is around the next corner…. The excitement of new adventures and discoveries.

Adrenaline is rushing through my veins. Maybe a bit uncomfortable, right in the middle of the night.. but enough to dream about!

Where we going?… you’ll see!!