Again, we had a very good sleep in our cave house. But it was time to explore the surroundings! Cappadocia is famous for its beautiful walks (well.. walking is not the best description, it’s more a combination of climbing and sliding on the rocks, because it can be pretty slippery). We decided to go to Rose Valley. This is a very huge valley, with multicoloured rocks. We had to take it very easy today, because it was almost 40 degrees but with as much water as we can carry we try to explore this beautiful area. It is just amazing. Every second we stop to have a good look, we were in the: ohhhh, this is just too beautiful- mood. A surreal moon landscape.

That eve we visited Lars of Kapadokya Balloons. In Istanbul we had met a Dutch journalist who lives in this area. He told us to have a chat with Lars about our journey and his balloons. Lars, ones the trainer of Richard Branson, has been making hot-air balloon flights over this area for years and years. It must be one of the best spots on the word to make a flight in a hot-air balloon. Yes…., but we are travelling on a very low budget, so we could have a problem there. But our chat goes very well and Lars asks us to give him a call at 04.10 am to see if there are 2 ‘seats’ left on the flight. If so, we are invited to be on one of the flights. Ohhhh… We probably won’t sleep tonight…

A short message for the friends and relatives of Elles: halfway our journey though the Rose Valley we had a short break at one of the caves where a boy was selling some drinks. Cappadocia is situated in the middle of nowhere, Rose Valley is an even more deserted area. So we are sitting there in the cave having a drink. Not much to see, just the daily Turkish newspaper. Michel: ‘Hey El, you should have a good look at that newspaper!’ The newspaper has a special article of Andy Uffels with picture and quotes (unfortunately in Turkish) in that specific newspaper (Elles worked for him 7 years ago, he is a former world champion hairdresser). How bizar. We will send him an email, maybe he is in Turkey as well!