What a wonderful world

The karakoram range is the perfect playground for mountaineers, hikers, bikers, cyclists and 4wd lovers. We are heading to the top of the passuglacier after parking the car in Passu.

This time we take a higher path that will lead us above the glacier giving fine views. Nobody told us about the condition of the path. The first bit is fine. Steep though and we have to be careful not to slip over the small stones. Then the path leads us alongside a steep wall. At this time we are quite high already and notice the path is getting narrower. Mmmhh… doesn¡¯t look good Elles.

A lot of debrish and small rocks has come down the mountain and it covers the path. As the mountain drops several hundred meter right beside the path we carefully opt what to do. Let¡¯s try a bit further, Elles sais.

Then the paths bends and Michel sees its first. 15 meters have been washed away leaving very narrow path. As we don¡¯t have climbing gear like ropes with us we question if it is worth the risk. Michel has a look and gets past but knows this is too much for Elles. We head back, sit down and enjoy the mountains and the perfect weather. Then we notice some clouds on the horizon. Mmmm, maybe its for the best we haven¡¯t gone further.

An hour or so later while enjoying a piece of apricot cake at the glacier breeze restaurant, we see the clouds roll in the valley and notice the wind getting stronger. Definetely good we headed back as we hear rocks coming down in the distance!

Later we are accompanied by a german couple who is cycling the KKH. We exchange stories and hear that they know us already from stories told to them in Iran!! Then we ask if they are the ones that had stones thrown at them at the beginning of the KKH. Guess what…. they are! They seem to know everyone we have met as well in Pakistan making it great to exchange stories and gossip.

Two hours later we show our camper and as we are still chatting and its getting cold we head inside. Till well after dark we enjoy the warmth of our webasto heating system and keep chatting! What a small and wonderful world this is… especially the overland route from Istanbul to the Pakistani Karakoram Highway!