sunbathing on top of the car

We leave Besham at nine and head towards Gilgit. The roads are in a good condition except for the places where landslides have occurred. Several signs warn us for dangerous landslide area’s but as the weather is perfect we have nothing to worry.

We drive through little villages and follow the Indus river. The scenery is so beautiful that we stop regularly to take pictures and to film. 10 kilometres before Shilas we stop to enjoy the view and decide to climb the roof of the car. There we sit, enjoy the complete silence and the sunset!

In Shilas we decide to check the bottom of the car. Something in Michel’s mind told him it was necessary. And yes, his feeling was right.

The gearbox is leaking oil. Within minutes a man comes to help and to check everything. The result is not so good. The gasket that prevents oil leakage from the gearbox is broken. We know it can’t be fixed as this means the whole engine needs to come out. This leaves us with one solution, check the gearbox oil every few hundred kilometres. We ask around and are told that there are lots of mechanics in Gilgit. Let’s hope one of them knows Volkswagens!