Mister Daniels Part two

Early in the morning we arrived at Mister Daniels workshop. Lots needed to be done and as Elles and I couldn’t do much, Elles returned to the SOS-Village. Mister Daniels and I went into town to hunt down spare parts. A Volkswagen expert, as he is, he knew his places. We drove all over town from one place to another. I asked him if there was a problem in finding the parts? Nooohhoooo prices not very good, you need good price. Then, we found a place, I never would have guessed to be the right one. But we found everything we needed at a very good price. New shockabsorbers, new steering bolts etc etc… the whole lot!

Then the steering bolts needed to be replaced. So we went to another greasy workshop and there I was amazed by what you can do without proper tooling. With massive force and an even more massive hammer the old bolts were removed and new one were in place within minutes using a selfmade machine!

Late in the afternoon we returned with all parts and Mister Daniels told me he would install it the next day and he would make sure we would arrive safely in China!

Thanks Mister Daniels!