Return to the Golden Temple

We slept in late after the horrific drive to Amritsar. Even when we woke up, the stress from last night was still there. But we knew a place to get rid of it all; the golden temple.

Yes, we have been there before but the soothing music mixed with the readings from the holy book of Sikhs makes this such a magical place that we were looking forward to go back. The temple complex is enormous and the best way to enjoy it is to sit down and watch the pilgrims walk past by in silence. As there are only a few tourist, we are a sight on are own. Some passing families ask us if its alright to take a picture and we enjoy it all.

Then we see another foreign couple and decide to team up. Stefan and Kirsten from Germany are on a 4 week holiday and are enjoying the golden temple as much as we do. In the evening after sunset we watch the evening prayers. When the spotlights are turned on, the reflection on the golden temple is even more magical.

We have a quick meal in a tandoori restaurant and return to the temple to see the evening ceremony. During this ceremony, the holy book is brought to a safe place for the night. A crazy ceremony as lots of people want to be part of the group of men carrying the book. The spectacle that takes place every morning at 4 am when the book is carried to the temple and at 10 pm when the book returns from the temple is a sight not to be missed. We left after the ceremony and headed back to the guesthouse?

Amritsar is great!