Km today 12 (just into town)

After a few Paris, a visit to the french head office of SOS Childrens Villages and the Champs e’lysees, it was time for us to leave the city and head into the country side. We decided it was time to taste the real france and headed to what we think is one most famous regions in France, Champagne.

The real Champagne has its origin from this area. Other, sortalike drinks will bear the mark methode champagnoise. So if somebody offers you champagne, have a quick look on the bottle and see if he is man enough to buy the real deal!

We decided to put the camper just outside of town on a very lovely and extrodinary neat campsite. The average age dropped drastically when we arrived. In between luxourious motorhomes and caravans (twice the size of ours) we took our time to sort out the camper. We did not have much time to do so in Paris and the quiet campsite gave us the possibility.

tomorrow we will visit one of the famous champagne cellars! That’s going to be fun!