Queensnight 2003

April 30th in the Netherlands is well known for Queensday. It commemorates the birthday of our former queen, Juliana. The ‘party’ starts the night before on the 29th at six pm. In every major city there is a free market area and everybody who can obtain a spot can sell whatever they want. So this could be described as the biggest yardsale in the world with people selling whatever they can, bands playing on practically every corner and food and beerstands everywhere. The party goes on all night and the next day untill 6 pm. Our current Queen, Beatrix, visits one or two cities on this day. This year she visited Wijhe and deventer. This is where Elles her family is from.

If you’re not from the Netherlands the scene is difficult to describe on Queensday and night. This is one of those thing you have to see for yourself. A lot of people are wearing orange clothing as this is the colour of the Queens family! So Elles and I partied with friends and had a lot of fun on Queensnight. The next day we watched the queen visit Wijhe on the tele! After that Elles went to her Aunt to celebrate her birthday and i had a reunion of my studenthouse which resulted in another party!