If buddism or Hinduïsm are right in terms of reïncarnation… I would definitely come back as a ‘pizza’. Not the classy, well formed Italian, wood oven quatro stagioni pizza or the thick cheese crusted bacon and pepperoni medium sized American style pizza with a free diet coke…. No.. a simple plain deep frozen, 1.99 margarita from the local supermarket around the corner….

Mmmhh..well that was a weird dream……

Getting up is easy after sleeping more then 11 hours straight. Especially when you are hungry. A quick breakfast was what we needed. A refreshing shower and of I was to the kitchen. Croissants with ham cheese and pineapple would be the start of the day.

E: When are we leaving for the Photo shoot?

M:Dunno… after my lovely breakie…

E:Okay… but we should hurry a bit as we still have to clean the car.


After we finished breakfast and cleaning the car Elles and I drove to a forest nearby. We had to deliver a couple of pictures for a magazine before the end of the weekend. So with our new clothes, a bright smile on our face and a shining car we left Utrecht.

M: I’d wish we could go now…

E:Yeah me too… I am really looking forward to jump in the car, say goodbye to Holland, cross the border and enjoy life!

M:Absolutely… and you know what…

E:No… tell me…

M:Since the beers we had on Friday… everything has changed. It feels like we have entered stage 4 of the expedition.

Stage 1 was the beginning where we kept brainstorming day and night about the expedition, in one word excitement.

Stage 2 was the time we turned all our ideas into a plan, the serious stage! Stage 3 was finding media attention and sponsors, the insecurity stage. And now we have entered Stage 4.. the ‘holy shit we did it stage’!

E:Funny enough I feel exactly the same


E:Absolutely fabulous!

That afternoon we made pictures and already it felt as if the expedition had started.