The one shoe clan

Have you ever driven on a road or waited in front of a traffic light and looked out of the window wondering what that ‘one shoe’ was doing there in the middle of nowhere. When you look carefully, you’ll find them everywhere, that One Shoe.. abandonned by its owner?

Since we set off 1 ½ month ago we have seen many ‘one shoes’ on the road. We wondered how they got there. And why is it always One Shoe and never two, let alone a complete pair. We have come to the conclusion that it must be the work of some organisation that tries to make you wonder how they got there.We call them ‘the one shoe clan’.

Update 2006: Michel has started his own communicationcompany with a partner, Floris Derksen. Their company is named after the One Shoe mystery; One Shoe interactive media. Besides creating concepts, websites and printmaterial for a large of companies, their aim is to reveal the mystery of the One Shoe. For more information: One Shoe Interactive Media